A regularly scheduled board meeting of DYHA took place on Sunday, February 9, 2014 at 7:30pm at Stamford Twin Rinks.  Present board members were Todd Halloran, Art Flynn, Jeff Eccleston, David Hill, Dawn Bryson, Larry Paredes, Lisa McCarthy, Mary Jo Dyer, Pete Canelli, David Kreppein and Gigi Williams.
President’s Remarks
Todd Halloran thanked the board for coming out to meet on a Sunday evening.
It was announced that the annual Biggs Scholarship Award, funded by Friends of DYHA, would be increased to $1,500, up from $1,000.
Community Service
Lisa McCarthy announced the successful results of the DYHA Food Drive to benefit the pantries of Person-to-Person.  900lbs of groceries, valued at $1,800 was collected.  U12B, Pee Wee A1, Squirt B and Bantam A members recognized.  The membership was thanked for their generous support.
An update of individual team initiatives, including Mite A bake sale to benefit The Andy Smiles Forever Foundation, was also given. 
Girls Program
Jeff Eccleston discussed the girls program by age groups.  Based on discussion and feedback received, formal recommendations regarding changes or refinements at the U10, U12 and U14 levels will be submitted to the board for approval at the March 2014 board meeting.
U12, U14 and U19 Girls tryouts to take place in late April 2014.
Travel Program
To aid DYHA in adjusting to the current landscape of youth hockey in the local region, the Travel Directors submitted changes to the policy regarding Non-Registered Players (formally known as Impact Players) to the board for approval.  The proposed changes had been discussed at length by the board during the past and current season.  Based on the proposal presented, and with a quorum present, a majority of the directors approved the amendments to the Non-Registered Player policy.
The approved amendment:
1)            Increase the number of possible Non-Registered Players to 3 for both Bantam and Pee Wee.  Limit 2 on A team, 1 on A1 team for these age groups.
2)            Any Non-Registered Player considered for the A1 team would have to be a first year birth year of that age level. Non-Registered Players on A team could be either year, but may not be 2 first year players.
3)            A Non-Registered Player at Pee Wee and Bantam age groups is defined as a player who would make the overall roster a better team. Coaches would be the determining factor of those players, with oversight from the Travel Directors
4)            A Non-Registered Player at Squirt age group is defined as top 3 player.  Coaches would be the determining factor of those players, with oversight from the Travel Directors.
5)            Goalies would no longer be considered in the number, but only an A team can take a Non-Registered Goalie, and only one. Exception to the rule would be if there were not enough goalies (6) to fill an age group, a goalie could be added to any one of the three rosters.
6)            Mite age group has no provision for Non-Registered Players.
The board also discussed Bantam roster sizes and implementing a more consistent and structured call-up process should vacancies arise mid-season.
2014-2015 Budget process scheduled for early March 2014.
With no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 9:57pm.
Gigi Williams