Midget Travel Tryouts

What to bring:

Players looking to participate in the DYHA Midget Major, Midget Minor travel team tryouts beginning Sunday, March 26th at the Darien Ice Rink must have the following in hand prior to taking to the ice:


  1. DYHA Payment Receipt or if trying out as a Non Registered Player a Check for $1200 registration fee payable to “DYHA”

  2. Tryout Fee Check for $150

  3. Signed DYHA Code of Conduct.

  4. Signed USA Hockey Code of Conduct.

  5. USA Hockey Consent to Treat.

  6. Travel Supplement Check for $200 (Midget Major), $150 (Midget Minor) payable to ”.

  7. Non DYHA Registered Players must complete the USA Hockey Waiver.




Midget Program 2014:

DYHA is pleased to announce the following Tryout schedule and Coaches for the 2014 Midget Season.

Midget Tryout Schedule is as follows:

26-Mar         Sunday          3:00 PM-4:00 PM       STRW 2001 and 2002 Birth Year's
26-Mar         Sunday          4:10 PM-5:10 PM       STRW 2000 Birth Year and older
28-Mar         Tuesday         7:20 PM-8:20 PM       STRW 2001 and 2002 Birth Year's
28-Mar         Tuesday         8:30 PM-9:30 PM       STRW 2000 Birth Year and older
30-Mar         Thursday       5:45 PM-6:45 PM        Sono  2001 and 2002 Birth Year's
30-Mar         Thursday       6:55 PM-7:55 PM        Sono  2000 Birth Year and older
Midgets will again field three competitive teams: A Midget Major team for (’99 and 00's) and two Minor teams (’01-‘02’s) - one a declared team and an undeclared team ("declared" teams have a CHC-mandated schedule and are eligible for the CT state tournament). All Midget teams will be half-season and end in time for high school season. As we have done in the past, the Midget Major and Declared Minor team will be State and National eligible and, therefore, the focus will be putting the strongest teams on the ice.
Frank Cataudo will again lead the Midget program and be the head coach of both the Major and Minor Declared. Practices will be generally once a week to accommodate other fall/pre-season activities common to high school students. Frank Cataudo will be assisted by Michael Carrano and a second assistant to be named. Paul Hammer will again handle the coaching duties for the Minor Undeclared team.

Thank you

DYHA Travel Directors