Please see below for positions that we are currently looking to fill on the DYHA Board.   Thank you for your consideration.


DYHA is seeking an individual for the role of Head Scheduler. The Scheduler is responsible for supporting the scheduling process for the youth hockey organization's practices, games, and events. The Scheduler ensures the smooth and efficient coordination of the organization's activities by maintaining accurate schedules, communicating changes to players, parents, and coaches, and resolving scheduling conflicts.

Key Responsibilities:
-Create and maintain the master schedule for practices and home game slots for DYHA and Ice Cat teams
-Coordinate with coaches and team manager to gather schedule information, ensure accurate and up-to-date information for all teams, and resolve scheduling conflicts finding suitable alternatives and solutions
-Enter schedule into scheduling software or spreadsheets, ensure accuracy and completeness of info, and communicate schedule updates, changes, and cancellations to players, parents, coaches, and other stakeholders
-Ensure fair and equitable ice time allocation for teams and players, considering factors such as age, skill level, and league requirements and budgeted ice allocations.
-Liaise with rink partners and facility personnel to secure ice for DYHA and Ice Cats season and address any scheduling-related issues or concerns
-Provide support during the season with scheduling logistics and addressing any scheduling-related inquiries or challenges
-Manage the REACH account and STR Lobby Screen

-Strong organizational and time management skills, with the ability to multitask and prioritize effectively
-Attention to detail and accuracy in schedule management
-Strong communication skills, with the ability to  collaboratively as part of a team and effectively interact with players, parents, coaches, and other stakeholders
-Proficiency with Excel/Google docs is necessary
-Ability to handle confidential information with discretion and professionalism

The DYHA scheduler is a board-level position with regularly scheduled meetings held one evening per month with special meetings held sporadically.

All candidates should indicate their interest to info@dyha.com.

DYHA Sponsorship/Fundraising Director

DYHA is seeking a Sponsorship/Fundraising Director that will help create and manage all sponsorship relationships and manage all fundraising efforts for DYHA. 

Key Responsibilities:
-Maintain current and solicit new sponsors for the House and Travel Teams
-Create the travel/house thank you poster
-Create and organize all fundraising events for the organization throughout the year including beginning and end of season parties and Sound Tigers event
-Promote our sponsors and fundraising events via the DYHA social media accounts, email and other media outlets as noted in the Sponsorship agreements-shoutouts and thank yous.

-A background and experience in communications and/or fundraising.
-Be comfortable/creative with creating and managing content on social media platforms. 
-Proactive, have an ability to conceive, lead and execute projects and comfort with utilizing technology such as Word, Google Docs, and League Athletics (we will teach you!) and other assorted workplace applications.

The Sponsorship/Fundraising Director role is a Board level position with regularly scheduled meetings held one evening per month with special meetings held sporadically. 

All candidates should indicate their interest to info@dyha.com.