DYHA Locker Room and Team Area* Policy

(*Team Area is any warmup/training/dryland and/or meeting areas, etc.)

In all Locker Rooms:

  • The use of cell phones, cameras, and video recording devices by anyone in a locker room is prohibited (except for the playing of music (see more below), or in case of an emergency). Any other use of cell phones is only permitted outside the locker room.

  • All teams must have at least one responsible adult (that has undergone Safe Sport training) present and directly monitoring the locker room during all team events to assure that only participants, (coaches and players), approved team personnel and family members are permitted in the locker room and to supervise the conduct in the locker room. Further, responsible adults must personally monitor the locker room environment at all times while participants are present and also make sure the locker room is appropriately secured during times when minor participants are on the ice.

In all Locker Rooms and Team Areas:

  • No music with explicit, racist, or obscene language.

  • No explicit/derogatory language.

  • No bullying.

  • Any individual meetings between a minor participant and a coach require a responsible adult to be with the coach.

Breaches of this policy, like breaches of all DYHA policies, constitute violations of the DYHA Code of Conduct, and are subject to disciplinary actions set forth in the Code of Conduct. Any witness to a breach of this policy should report it to his/her Coach and/or to their DYHA Board Representative.

last update 9/23/2022

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