DYHA Policy Regarding Concussions

Doctor's Notes and Clearance to Play

If a doctor has evaluated a player who has exhibited signs and symptoms of a concussion, that player may return to play only with a written note from the doctor, whether or not a concussion has been diagnosed.

A doctor's note is acceptable only if it is on the doctor’s official letterhead, Rx Note or letter stamped with the doctor's office address and contact information. The doctor’s note must state the diagnosis and when the player may return to play.

The doctor’s note must be submitted to the player's Head Coach. After receipt of the doctor’s note, the player’s Head Coach will have permission to return the player to play. The Head Coach shall promptly forward a copy of the doctor’s note to the appropriate Team Manager for retention with the team’s books and materials. Additionally, the Team Manager shall forward a copy of the doctor’s note to the Secretary of the DYHA board within 48 hours of receipt.

Helpful Links and Information about Concussions

A child or teen with a concussion needs to be seen by a medical provider. If you think your child or teen has a concussion, contact his or her health care provider. Be sure to get written concussion care instructions from the health care provider. Even what seems to be a mild bump or blow to the head can be serious. Learn how to prevent, recognize, and respond to a concussion. Also get information about getting a baseline concussion test that can help medical professionals detect whether a concussion has occurred, the severity of the injury and when play can safely be resumed.

DYHA is pleased that Performance Optimal Health continues to be DYHA's Official Concussion Services Sponsor. It will offer complimentary concussion baseline testing and musculoskeletal baseline screening for DYHA players that register for such testing. To register, call the Darien location: -800 Post Road, 3rd Floor, Darien; Phone: (203) 202-2703 DYHA believes that having a current baseline test on file for a player is an important precaution that will enhance the effectiveness of any post-trauma examination for symptoms of concussion.

Click below for more information:

Concussion Facts: Read key facts from the Centers for Disease Control on preventing, recognizing and responding to concussions in athletes

USA Hockey Concussion Information: Helpful Information from about concussion signs, symptoms and actions.

HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Helpful information for Parents, Players, Coaches and Sports Officials from the Center for Disease Control.


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